All different areas of the Pony culture. Aesthetics in the Subculture,
charm and submissive parts are close together. All pic´s are from
our long time, worldwide experiences. Alll showed pic´s are from ladies,
who are full submissive and a kick for them.

You will find everything in our club, concerning "Ponygirl" . No Pic´s from other websites.
All our own. Not yet published.

We offer:

No pornography !

Pic´s Galeries, also short scenes of our Videos for downloading.

At our Shop we offer all Sessions uncuted as DVD´s



The VHS/DVD Shop inside the Membersection have a discount included.
All Club Members we offer a 5 % discount on all our Products .
(Except Magazines, Hoofs)

We haven´t NOT daily or weekly Updates !
The reason is simple: We have not professional Models, who are playing that fetisch,
instead all girls we give a kick, All girls have a normal job and you will understand,
that girls with a real relation are not easy to find. You will have the possibility, to tell
S-Art your fantasies, if it is possible, we will realize.

We are looking to good locations for our sessions.
If you know, don´t be hesitate to do a mail.

If you recognize yourself in some situations, pls. send a mail.
But only females or couples.

Contact to : Team

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