15.-17. May 2009

We go to munich to the BOUNDCON. We will welcome you.

31.August 2008

Moved to 31. August 2008

1. Filming with Doggy Stefanie at a nice location near Duesseldorf.

30.May-01.June 2008

We are at the Boundcon. With Puppy and our new Model Stefanie.

24.May 2008

We are at the Quicky. swingersclub with a real session to shock the crowd........

Nov. 2007

A new Ponyvideo with our Puppy. 23 Years old, nice figur.

27.July - 04.August 2007

We are at Barcelona and surrounding and take some Videos. i.e. also with our new ponygirl with a great relationship to BDSM. We also visit our friend at his club Rosas5

17. - 20. May 2007

We are at the BOUNDCON again, possible with our new PONYGIRL on stage. 23 years old, nice figure.

31. March 2007

Casting of a possible new Ponygirl 23 years old, nice figure. You can watch the cating of Jasmin. Pls. ask for conditions. EMAIL

30. September 2006

We are on Stage - We are at the Pure Fetish Night at Karlsruhe

12. August 2006

We takes a SM Video of xtreme contents, you can be with us, but only watching. Ask us for conditions.

12.-17. May 2006
At the Exposex at Madrid  
15.-16. April 2006
At the Fetishevolution at Essen  
28. October 2005
At the Fetishevolution at Essen  
20.-23. October 2005
At theVenus at Berlin  
20.August 2005
At the"Peitsche" Party with a small Suspension  
01.Juli 2005
Pupett Testemonia at the Boundcon 2005 at Munich  
10.-12. June 2005
We represent at the BOUNDCON at Munic
29. September - 3. October 2004
We goes to Ficeb Fair at Barcelona
29. May 2004
We are at the German-Fetish-Ball at Berlin
11.-13. June 2004
We represent at the BOUNDCON at Munic
28.-29. November 2003
Xklusiv Party. We are being there. The parties of fine Art at a chateau.  
16.- 19. October 2003
We go to the Venus Fair at Berlin. If you will see Alexa life, you have to come to Berlin.
15. November 2003
Extrem Design at Zuerich goes Party. Big Event with our Performance
23. August 2003
We go on a ship. We are at the ERONAUTICA This time only as guests, but for a smalltalk we always have time.
13. - 14. June 2003
Live Sessions on You could join us, ask for condittions.
Friday Outside on a british armee area (Ponygirl)
Saturday in a fine Ristaurante (Xtreme Bondage)
12. of April 2003
You can join us. On Saturday near Moenchengladbach. "Bondage Foto Session with Ingrid"
23.-25. May 2003
Ponygirl Workshop at Xklusiv Party from on a Chateau near Dresden. No Discount.
22. February 2003
Ponygirl Workshop at . Members join with an discount of 5 % discount.
June 2003
Extreme Bondage Session at a fine Restaurant
August 2002
Ponyplay of Ponygirl Ingrid in on a british armee airport near Moenchengladbach.
29. August 2002
Ponyplay of Ponygirl Dani on at the Westerwald